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Private Yoga Tuition

Everyone’s bodies are unique therefore people often have different requirements from their yoga practice. Private lessons offer the opportunity to explore and focus on your needs under experienced guidance.

New To Yoga

For those who are new to yoga open class can be a daunting place. Trying to understand the breathing practices and what to do with your body in order to move from one posture to another can be difficult and can initially create stress rather than improving your wellbeing. With a few private lessons to explain the basics, you can become confident enough to join an open class.

Specific Requirement

Whether you want to work on a particular area of your body, are trying to get back on your feet after an illness or difficult time emotionally, private lessons are perfect as they can be tailored to your specific needs.

Deepening Your Practice

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and would like to deepen your understanding of postures, practices or philosophy, private yoga lessons are ideal for improving self-awareness and for transforming your life.


To book any of the class or for more information, please contact Deborah on 0795 1817 535 or email

Walton on the Hill

When: Thursdays 9:30am

Complete Beginners

These classes are aimed at the complete new comer to yoga. We are practicing blocks of poses to help you to become familiar with the terminology and techniques. We will open up the body slowly and build strength, look at awakening the Ujjayi breath to move into a flowing sequence. Learning in this slow paced way allows confidence to grow as you start to become aware of what your body can do along with experiencing moments of calmness and stillness, one of the many benefits that gives.

Cobham - Downside Village Hall

When: Tuesdays 9:20 am and Fridays 9:30 am

Beginners to Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

These classes are aimed at those students who want to explore their yoga practice. Beginner or intermediate, we are looking to understand our selves, becoming aware of where tension is held and addressing it in a gentle, intelligent way with movement and breath. Not always following a conventional asana posture, but playing with it, feeling into how the framework of the asana benefits you as an individual, whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. Small classes enable Deborah to get to know each student, allowing her to observe and give advice as required. If we can be open to explore different things on our mat, rather than rigidly sticking to a set routine, we can take this flexible attitude off our mats and into our lives. That is one of the gifts of yoga.

Senior Yoga

When: Fridays 11:00 am

Yoga for Seniors

Through her experience with teaching Deborah can safely say that it is the senior age group that needs yoga more than any other! People in this age group are often dealing with pain and are slowly losing mobility as a result. In this class Deborah gently encourages joints to start working again and muscles to regain strength. Deborah provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourselves and adopt a healthy and flexible approach to later life in both mind and body.class is aimed at those students who have never been on a yoga mat before. The idea is to develop competence and confidence. You will be guided through the postures with each step explained along the way allowing you to develop a sense of yourself, leaving you feeling recharged, balanced and deeply focused.

Private Yoga Classes

One To One Pricing

Location Price Per Hour
Group Class - Drop In £12.00
Group Class - 6 Class Block £60.00
12 class pass £108.00
Private Tuition - My Yoga Room £35.00 per hour
Private Tuition - Your Home Or Workplace £45.00 per hour

Preparation For Your Yoga Classes

Wear something that does not restrict your movement and that you feel comfortable in.  Yoga is mainly done in bare feet although you can now buy non slip socks if you prefer.

Yoga mats and blocks are provided  for 6 class pass students however drop-in students are asked to bring their own mat.  Alternatively you are welcome to bring your own and a towel if you like to use one.

Avoid eating a heavy meal before your class. The main reason for this is that a full stomach interferes with the postures and your breathing by restricting the space in the abdomen.

Feel free to bring water to the class but try and drink either before or after the class, simply because stopping for water breaks the meditative flow of a class. Drinking will keep you hydrated and help eliminate toxins from your body after the practice.

Phones ringing, vibrating or pinging in a yoga class can disturb the meditative flow of the practice, so please make sure they are off.

Please download a health form and bring along with you to your first class.

Preparing for class