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The Make Space Yoga blog is written by Deborah Richards, a yoga instructor based in Surrey. It is mainly her thoughts about yoga and what maybe currently filling up her mind!

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Barriers and Connections

15th November 2016

The other day, taking a short break from teaching yoga in Walton on the Hill, I was boarding a ferry bound for France. We sat down, but did not notice that we were in the ‘Disco’ area…

Wall Painting

Paint Brushes, Chairs and Yoga

21st June 2016

What do those three things have in common you may ask. Well, I shall tell you. Two days ago, on a Sunday morning, I was standing on a chair, reaching up and slightly across to just get to that area, that in reality I…

Wall Painting

What is Yin Yoga and why should anyone want to practice it?

21st October 2015

Yin can be described as a means to gently get into the joints and connective tissue; the inner tissue near the bone, the ligaments holding the joints together and the fascia tissue in the body...

Stretching Tiger

Myofascia: our internal www

26th June 2015

One of my current obsessions I am reading around and trying to hoover up any information I can on, is Fascia. This used to be considered as a sort of packing within our bodies. Cut through and pretty much discarded by surgeons in…