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"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning yoga with Deborah. She has helped me to progress gently from a novice into a healthy, relaxed physically stronger person. Her calm measured voice has a soothing effect on the whole class and her enthusiasm is contagious, I feel years younger."

Pamela Irving, East Horsley

"Deborah is wonderful teacher who’s classes are informed and researched. She has an in depth knowledge of the physical body and marries this seamlessly with an exploration of the spiritual and phycological effects yoga has on the mind. Her approach to her students is individual and personal, this is what makes a good yoga teacher. Deborah teaches at my home yoga studio where I trust her implicitly with the students I have built up. I know they are in good hands as I have seen drastic improvements in all of their practices over a very short period of time attending her classes."

Nicola Theo, Cobham

"A couple of years ago I had severe back problems that stemmed from a fused disc. I am quite sporty but this condition badly curtailed my activities. I tried of remedies like physiotherapy and pilates but nothing really fixed me. I started having private yoga lessons with Deborah in May 2014 and began to feel a huge difference. I can now touch my toes with ease and have achieved my target of picking up the soap in the shower without any pain. I am now an active golfer and cyclist again and am delighted with the results."

Craig Foster, Walton-on-the-Hill

"Having known Deborah for several years as a customer of mine in my shop, we were chatting one day and the conversation turned to fact that my knees were really painful to bend and I was finding myself hobbling around! This was mainly due to a midlife crises of trying to re-live a rugby playing career that I definitely never had!! Deborah suggested a try at Yoga! Being the biggest cynic … I decided to give it a try, confident it would make no difference. After one lesson, tailored to my particular problems, and lo and behold it worked!! By the end of the lesson I could actually bend my knees – not only that but it wasn’t painful. After several more lessons the difference has been amazing. I can honestly say that I now have a more positive outlook towards daily difficulties which has been a result of both the exercises and simple meditations. Nobody has been more surprised than me with the benefits of Yoga that Deborah has shown me. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly lesson and really miss them if I am unable to attend."

Jon Ellis, Cobham

"Have I forgotten something (and someone maybe)? Of course! The reason I first decided to head to “Bag end” (Rustic Retreats, Spain – June 2015) was to enjoy and practice Yoga and Meditation with a group of like-minded people. I surely was not disappointed by the pleasant company. As for our instructor, Debs, she definitely was one of a kind… Unknown was her age, her loyal pupils would have never dared asking, but with the mind of a wise (wo)man and the body of a twenty five years old she turned our own mind and body… upside down. Day by day, practice after practice, our body grew stronger, our mental sharper and this newly formed group of neophytes were happily able to share a rustic and balanced way of life… at least for few days…"

Julien Shark, Normandy

"I love my Rest & Restore class with Deborah. Never done yoga before but Deb is a fantastic teacher, I have learnt so much & after my class I feel this amazing sense of calm. Thanks so much Deb"

Kathy Goodliffe, Leatherhead

"Deborah is a fantastic teacher. She takes time to explain the different postures which is essential for a beginner. Throughout the classes she is attentive and helps you get the most out of the Yoga. If you feel stressed when you arrive you certainly don’t when you leave the class. I feel relaxed, calm, happy and more flexible. I really look forward to my Yoga classes."

Annika Swift, East Horsely

"Thanks a lot Deborah for the wonderful yoga lessons I got from you in Rustic retreats in Spain! The yoga practice each day was great! I was also impressed by the wise en spiritual words you told us each lesson! Thanks for that! You have a lot of experience and knowledge. Thanks for sharing this with us. (Rustic Retreats, Spain 2016)"

Machteld Rietman from Holland