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Deborah doing yoga

I am in the blessed position of having had a father who practiced yoga in the 60’s. I used to watch him run through his Sun Salutations at the bottom of the bed and when allowed, join in!

In my younger years, my enthusiasm for yoga waxed and waned as aerobics was very much the fashion but by the late ‘80’s yoga was back in my life for good. In the ‘90’s I trained and practiced as a homeopath for 10 years, and although I was very drawn to training as a yoga teacher, I thought my husband would have a conniption if I embarked on another significant and time consuming training. Finally in 2012 on a yoga retreat in Italy I met the person who became my teacher on an Advanced Studies & Yoga Teacher Training and have not looked back. Yoga has changed my life. I was very lucky along the way to go to some wonderful teachers who I learned so much from about alignment and breathing - but what was missing was the philosophy and the background understanding of why I did these practices. I try to incorporate philosophy where appropriate in my own classes to fill that gap for other people.

Yoga Training

Along with graduating from a 200 hour Advanced Studies & Yoga Teacher Training, I completed a 60 hour Yin & Yang Level II Teacher Training course in 2015 and have embarked on a 10 weekend yoga anatomy course, exploring in-depth, the anatomy of movement with world renown teacher Gary Carter.  This is enhancing my skills further as a thorough knowledge of anatomy helps to make intelligent choices about the way I teach each person.  Apart from these larger training courses, I’m constantly exploring different aspects of yoga in short workshops, which I take into my own daily practice of asanas, meditation and pranayama before passing them on to my students.

I teach yoga in Walton on the Hill and Downside, Cobham.   I’ve taught on a number of retreats, and have always been asked back.

Luckily for me, my husband did not have a conniption and we’re still happily married!